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Civil Engineering Design and Project Management Services

Z Development Services, LLC is located in Orlando, Florida, and offers civil engineering design as well as a full range of project management services to meet all of your development needs. Civil engineering design is only one of many services required during the development process. Overall project management is crucial to the success of any development program. Our full service project management approach will allow you to focus your efforts on the other aspects of your business while planning for expansion. We will not only provide quality civil engineering design but we will also coordinate all of the other efforts necessary to navigate the permitting and development process.

We hold engineering licenses throughout the United States and can provide civil engineering services wherever your expansion plans may lead. With years of experience developing in 19 states, we have a wide range of knowledge concerning how the site development process can differ based on locale.

We strive to expedite all projects to ensure that the project timeline is executed quickly through strong coordination and management of the many team members needed during the various stages of the process.

What we Provide

Concept Planning/Due Diligence

So you have identified a site you feel is suitable for development and meets your demographic needs, now what?

We can assist in your negotiations to purchase or lease land by providing useful information about the property as well as preliminary construction cost analysis.

We will prepare a site conceptual plan to ensure your specific use will be supported by the subject property. This plan will also comply with all applicable local and state development standards.

During the due diligence phase, we will investigate the site and provide useful information about possible development issues. This will include additional costs associated with the development as well as the timeframe involved to process the necessary permits and approvals. This information will aid in your discussions with the seller to determine the proper purchase price and closing date.

Civil Engineering

Now that you have decided this is the site for you, what plans are necessary to permit and construct the project?

In addition to the oversight of all building construction plans, our firm can provide the needed site development plans and procure the necessary permits for both building and site construction. Site development plans typically consist of layout plans, utility plans, grading/drainage plans, landscape/irrigation plans and erosion control plans. Also, all of the specifications and details will be provided that are necessary to obtain permits and construct the project. There are many issues involved in site development and rest assured, our staff has seen them all! If it is required to construct a commercial project, we have the experience necessary to execute and follow through with any civil engineering design and permitting needs.

We also provide a wide range of services associated with existing developed sites. These services include property condition reports, utility and drainage issues, stormwater inspections and repairs, site alterations, parking lot additions, building additions as well as many others. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Project Management

Can someone help manage all that is needed to develop my property?

Over the course of a project there are many tasks that must be coordinated and must follow in a specific sequence to ensure a successful project. Our staff will manage all aspects of the development process. Our network of professionals includes architects, surveyors, geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists and contractors, just to name a few.

We can manage all of these necessary consultants that can sometimes seem overwhelming. All of this must be accomplished while keeping in mind the budget and the time line constraints. We will ensure that project costs are accurately identified while expediting the project's schedule


Why does project permitting need to be so difficult and take so long?

One of the most frustrating stages in the development process is the permitting of a project. This is the stage of a project that can result in the greatest loss of time. Many sites require four to five (if not more) permits from local and state agencies.

Proper due diligence and an aggressive approach are both necessary to navigate today's lengthy permitting processes. We take the hands-on approach necessary to expedite any permit required for your project. Weekly status reports will ensure that no stone is left unturned during the permitting process. We will be sure to diligently pursue all permit approvals resulting in opening dates that meet or exceed your expectations.


The site you have identified is perfect, but unfortunately your use is restricted or not permitted.

We can help you maneuver through the tedious process of entitlements. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Rezoning Requests
  • Variance/Waiver Requests
  • Special Use or Conditional Use Permits
  • Future Land Use Amendments
  • Preliminary Development Plan Approvals
  • Master Plan or Planned Development Approvals
  • Special Presentations

We will file all necessary applications at the local and state level to properly entitle the property for your proposed use. We will represent you professionally at all staff meetings as well as public hearings such as Planning/Zoning, City Council and Board of County Commissioners. We will make sure your case is processed with the proper attention to detail necessary to provide a positive outcome for your project.

Construction Administration

Now that the project is approved, how can I get it built quickly for less?

It all starts with a proper bidding process. Several contractors will be issued project information including plans and specifications. We will coordinate pre-bid meetings to ensure all bidding contractors understand and bid the same scope. Once project bids are prepared, we can assist in the bid analysis process to confirm that all contractors have provided accurate bids at competitive prices.

All efforts will be made to avoid project change orders by providing quality plans as well as effective communication with the contractor awarded the project. During the course of the construction process, our staff can provide necessary site inspections required from time to time. We can also provide all necessary certifications required as you near the end of the construction process and apply for the project's certificate of occupancy.

"I just wanted to thank Bob and his entire team for doing their part to ensure our project was a smashing success. Bravo!"

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